Your Brand Genius type is The Open Heart.

Customers come to you because you are like a warm beacon of light, offering an opportunity for them to be truly seen and heard. People have probably told you that you're a great listener, and it's true because you listen to understand rather than listening to respond. In a business context, this is invaluable because it allows you to gain precious insights into the inner workings of your audience and create offerings tailored to them. Your ability to deeply connect with people every day means that you are likely to find it easy to build and maintain healthy relationships with your clients, vendors and coworkers.


Areas of Strength:

+ Forming genuine connections (be it with customers, vendors, etc)
+ Empathizing with your clients or customers
+ Understanding the underlying motivation behind external actions

Areas of Challenge:

+ Remaining objective when making important decisions
+ Charging appropriately for your work
+ Identifying long-term objectives and creating strategic plans