Your Brand Genius type is The Guide.

Customers come to you because they've got a spark that needs kindling. You are a natural coach and a natural cheerleader. When it comes to motivating others, you're a pro, but you're also uniquely adept at maintaining momentum all the way through to the finish line. If others are afraid to take the next step, you're happy to run out in front and trailblaze. In business, you likely find that you are able to take risks in stride and recover quickly from setbacks. You aren't afraid to test and change, as long as you keep moving forward.


Areas of Strength:

+ Motivating your clients or customers to make a change/take action
+ Taking risks and being bold
+ Trying out a new idea/product/technique before anyone else in your industry

Areas of Challenge:

+ Being patient with others who don't run at your pace
+ Waiting for clarity before making a decision
+ Understanding and empathizing with others' fears and hesitations