Your Brand Genius type is The Expert.

Every person you meet walks away having learned something new. Once you become interested in a topic you delve deep and absorb as much information as you can. And then? It's almost impossible for you to not share what you've learned. You have a passion for knowledge and personal development and you love bringing others along for the ride. It comes almost as second nature to you to organize what you've learned into a digestible curriculum. You're an early adopter when it comes to emerging platforms, and friends and peers would likely describe you as that person who is always in the know about the newest tool, tactic or technology.


Areas of Strength:

+ Researching and collating information
+ Communicating complex ideas in simple terms
+ Connecting people with information relevant to their challenges or problems

Areas of Challenge:

+ Seeing the emotional component of an issue
+ Becoming isolated in your work
+ Tending to collect or consume more content than you create