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The future is female.


But how can we set an example for our daughters, friends and coworkers when we are wasting time doing work we hate just to live paycheck to paycheck?


Sound familiar?

You're already pretty successful in your career, but you can't help wondering "Is this it?" You know that you're more than the lines on your resume, but you're struggling to identify or communicate what it is you really want to be doing. You want to do work you love and find meaningful, but you don't know how to make the change.


You love your industry, but you feel like your opportunities are limited by your lack of education, experience, or (let's face it) the gender gap. You want to take your career to the next level but there's just something holding you back...

Now Imagine...

Waking up every day excited to get to work. You are full of confidence and clarity, and everyone around you can see that you are living your dream. Not only are you doing work you love, you're making the money you want to make, you feel nourished by your schedule and you have a plan for your future. You know what steps to take next, and where you are headed.

That's the difference that Passion Lab can make.


Find Your Passion,

Make a Plan,

Exceed Your Potential




What is Passion Lab?

Passion Lab is a six-week coaching intensive built to help you find career clarity and figure out how to make money doing what you love. It combines one-on-one mentorship with group work and independent exercises. Passion Lab is held three times a year, in the Spring, Summer and Fall. We only accept a handful of students each session to ensure every woman gets the attention and resources she needs to be successful.

This program is conducted totally online/via phone - so you can be located anywhere!



Group Coaching

2 Group Calls, 60 minutes each, where you'll have an opportunity to share your insights and challenges with the group and hear how your fellow participants are addressing the same issues.


1-on-1 Coaching

Weekly 60 minute 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Liberty to allow you to dive deep on your unique situation and create a plan for overcoming obstacles and achieving your career goals.



A beautifully designed, 40 page workbook jam packed with individual exercises to help you define your values, establish a routine that brings you joy and craft a personal brand.


You Also Get...

  • Additional Video 'Elective' Modules (on subjects like Interviews, Resumes or Multiple Revenue Streams)

  • A Private Facebook Group for participants and alumni

  • Masterclasses taught by experts in things like LinkedIn or Networking (via video conferencing, open to current students and alumni)




Or 8 Payments of $337.50


"The best thing I gained from this program was having questions asked of me that I never would have thought about. It made me really dig deep on a level I wouldn't have gone to on my own. I was challenged to go below the surface which at times was very difficult for me. As someone who was feeling very stuck and not seeing a lot of opportunities that were attainable, this was amazing. I think "career clarity" is a perfect way to describe this program. Having that outside person step in and guide the conversation was really helpful."
-Audrey Kupovics,, Travel Agent, Dallas, TX
"The biggest insight I gained during the program was during my 1-1 call when we talked about looking at my services as levels of 1-1 work and being able to turn that into a pyramid with different offerings at each level. I feel I've become more clear on which direction I want to go in my career [through Passion Lab]."
-Michelle Roycroft, The Film Still, Houston, TX
"[Passion Lab helped me] take seriously parts of my identity like habits, personality, schedule, income desires, work flow, strengths/weaknesses, and to use that collected data to shape my future decisions. Great job on balancing the practical with the aspirational!"
-Maura Dwyer, Artist, Baltimore, MD
"This program helped me navigate some long term goals that I have been avoiding really examining. Long term goal planning used to make me nervous but now I feel like it is much more manageable."
-Sasha Baskin,Artist in Residence, Gatlinburg, TN

About Your Facilitator:

Liberty Riggs, is a self-proclaimed personal development junkie with an extensive background in graphic design, content marketing and entrepreneurship. In the past, Liberty has worked with online franchises like Marie Forleo International and Being Boss, and built two successful small businesses of her own, while providing art direction for global brands such as AT&T and Sam's Club. She loves jamming on personal branding, diversifying revenue streams, and creating sustainable work/life structures - but her biggest passion is helping other businesswomen maximize their potential.

Apply Now:


Passion Lab enrollment for 2018 has ended. If you’d like to get on the waitlist for 2019, please email