MOJO Fact #2: MOJO is Your Megaphone

Back with another MOJO Fact! Ok, let me break this one down.

I believe that every single person on Earth has an essential truth inside of them, that they are here to share. But sometimes, sharing that truth is really scary…and you feel like your one voice is too small for anyone to hear.

But here is one of the most beautiful things about entrepreneurship: Your business is like a stage - it takes one small voice and gives it greater power. When used properly, online marketing is like a megaphone for that voice. (Click to Tweet)

I created MOJO to help small business owners create better branded content, share it more effectively, and cut their time spent marketing in half - because that inner truth that made you start your business is too important to get buried in rushed emails and half-assed tweets.

Watch the video above for the full down-low, plus an embarrassing story about what a dork I was as a kid!