MOJO Fact #1: MOJO is a Method

Are you burnt out on social media? Does the term “branded content” make you feel a little nauseated? Well, you’re not alone. I talk to business owners everyday who are confused by all of the online marketing jargon, and anxious to reach more customers. They, like you, ‘know’ they need to have a Twitter account - but have no idea what to say there to actually spread their brand’s message. It’s overwhelming. And let’s be real, if you’re actually running your business, it’s impossible to find the time to be omnipresent on Instagram.

I have been there. I get it. That’s why next month I’m launching my new suite of offerings, called MOJO. I will admit, the name is a little woo-woo but here’s the deal: at it’s core MOJO is a brass-tacks method for helping small business owners create better branded content, share it more effectively, and cut their time spent marketing in half. I like to say that it’s a science that works like magic ;)

I’ll be offering three primary packages, designed for businesses at every stage (there are other add-on goodies, but those are a surprise).

BrandingMOJO is a full brand design + business vision package, perfect for new businesses just starting to establish their identity, or existing businesses who need a refresh.

MessagingMOJO is a one month program for business owners with may or may not already have an established brand, but know that they could be communicating better online. This could be you if: you just don’t have time to manage social media, email marketing, and run your business. We build design tofols and set up automated systems to take the pain out of delivering content, and set your schedule free.

MonthlyMOJO is a month-to-month retainer service to keep your brand looking sharp online with minimal effort from you. With MonthlyMOJO, I’ll handle all of the design and copywriting for your online communications - all you have to do is jump on a quick call on the 1st and 30th of each month.

And that’s all I’m revealing for now! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks, and the Big Reveal on June 4th!!

I’m curious, friends, what has been your biggest struggle in marketing your business online? Let me know in the comments below.