How to Write a ‘Hell Yeah!’ Mission Statement

When you’re having brunch with your friends you have no problem describing what you do. But does the ‘About’ page of your website make your cringe? Is your Mom endlessly confusing your distant relatives with her description of what you do? Friends, there is one incredibly simple, incredibly potent cure for this: A ‘Hell Yeah!’ Mission Statement.

What is that? A ‘Hell Yeah!’ Mission Statement is a brief description of ‘who you are + what you do + why’ that makes you go “HELL YEAH!!” when you read it. And it’s so much simpler to write one than you think.

Here’s my own example:

“I’m Liberty Riggs and I’m a brand designer and content strategist, who builds brands and marketing plans for busy business owners. Clients come to me for beautiful designs, but they love how I simplify their business with communications systems and automations to help them overcome the overwhelm.”

This statement switches it up a little bit, but it contains the three basic ingredients:

Who I Am (Liberty Riggs, designer and strategist) 


What I Do (build brands and marketing plans)


Why (to help business owners overcome the overwhelm)


Ready to dive in and write your own? Click below to download my free Mission Statement Writing Worksheet and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!