Freebies Your Audience Actually Want

Freebies, Opt-ins, Content Upgrades - whatever you want to call them, they’re those little free resources that you offer your audience in exchange for their email. And this is a subject that has been on my mind a lot a lately.

I’ve literally built my business on streamlining online marketing - making the process of sharing stuff of social media, or writing newsletters, as painless and efficient as possible. Moment of truth: I spend a grand total of about 8 hours a month on creating my own content (that includes emails, blogposts, and social media). But do you know where at least 5 of those hours go? Into creating freebies. It’s the one part of the process you really just can’t speed up.

If I’m sinking that much of my time into something, I want to make sure I’m getting some bang for buck.

So, how do you make sure that those freebies you’re making are things that your dream customers will want badly enough to hand over their sacred email address?

Here are the basic qualifications:

Your freebie must either:

  1. solve a problem for your dream customer
  2. bring them delight

If your freebie solves a problem: it must be easy to use, and have immediate applications (this is the problem with so many worksheet freebies)

If your freebie brings delight: you HAVE to road test it - delight is trickier than problem solving, how do you know this is something they will like?

All freebies should:

  • have an estimated value of between $50-100 (so a freebie is not a throw-away, in fact a good freebie can be turned into a for-profit product down the line)
  • be as easy as possible to sign up for, download, access, and use
  • bonus points if: your freebie is something that they can’t easily get for free somewhere else

So now that you’ve a got few guidelines for what makes a successful freebie, here are a few ideas for some interesting and unique resources that you can give away (many of which you’ve seen on this blog):

  • Worksheets or Workbooks
  • Podcast secret episodes or mini-episodes
  • Access to a video tutorial
  • A brief email series or course
  • ‘Swipe’ copy (language that someone can copy and paste from your website)
  • Templates (for to-do lists, food diaries, Photoshop mockups, anything!)
  • Webinars
  • Free Consultations or Calls

And how could I end this post about freebies without offering one to you?

Now that you’ve figured out how to create a freebie your audience will love, you can click below to download some free Photoshop Templates that you can use to create graphics promoting your freebie. Enjoy!