Everybody's a Coach

To borrow a phrase my Texan heritage - it seems like you can’t swing a cat these days without hitting a coach. Life coaches, business coaches, wellness coaches - the list goes on. And there seems to be some growing angst in the online entrepreneur community about that fact.

The response from a lot of business owners seems to be pretty similar to the social media anxiety I described a few posts back:

Do I have to be a coach, too? Can’t I just ____________?

Well, here’s the skinny: if you’re sharing content related to your work, you’re already a coach. 

Whether people are paying you for it or consuming it for free on social media, good branded content is almost always coaching. Here are a couple examples to illustrate my point:

1. You’re a jewelry maker, and on your Instagram you post a combination of photos of your products + photos of the family vacation you got to take because of the flexibility that comes with owning your own business. You just offered some valuable work/life coaching.

2. You’re an accountant for creatives, and you publish a blogpost about how to keep track of deductible expenses without hanging onto receipts. You just gave some free financial coaching.

So, the question you’re probably asking yourself right now is something like:

Well, yea, I do that. But do I have to offer coaching as a service?

The short answer is no, you don’t have to. The coaching you offer in your content is enough. I consider myself a coach, but you won’t see coaching listed as one of my services.

On the other hand, coaching can be a great way to capitalize on expertise you’ve already built and create a second revenue stream. So, I'm curious, which side of the line do you fall on? Do you offer coaching as a separate service or is it baked into everything you do? Let me know in the comments!

For more insights on that process, with it’s benefits and drawbacks, click below to download my mini-blogcast interview with photographer + spiritual coach Lacey Melguizo!

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