What Does That Mean? Graphic Design

Most of the people I work with are not designers themselves - and sometimes it's easy to forget that the words I used every day when I worked in an agency might as well be Greek to folks who have never been in 'the business'. Today I wanted to share six basic design terms that you should know before you start working with a designer. These aren't the elements and principles of design, which is usually the first thing you'd learn in school, but they're concepts that are likely to come up in any working relationship that involves creative production.

Typography - the art of arranging words in a way that is easy to read and appealing to look at, including the strategic combination of fonts.

Kerning - the space between individual letters, which can be increased or decreased to improve legibility or create dramatic emphasis.

Leading / Tracking - the distance between lines of text (commonly referred to as ‘line height’ in programs like Microsoft Word); can be increased or decreased for similar reasons as kerning.

Serif - the small, horizontal lines that extend from the ends of letters. Fonts where these lines are present are called ‘serif fonts’ (think Times New Roman), while fonts without these lines are called ‘sans serif’ (think Arial).

Colorway - a unique combination of colors, defined for use in a specific brand identity, project or line of products.

Wireframe - a to-scale mockup of a website design. A wireframe contains all of the design elements that will be present in a final design, but does not usually demonstrate functionality features. In print, this is often referred to as a layout or spread.

I hope that these have been informative, and that they make your next design experience all the more enjoyable! Speaking of which...

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