My Woo-Woo Business Philosophy

“Woo-woo.” It can mean a lot of things, from ‘witchy’ to ‘hippie’ to downright ‘self-help’y. When I say woo-woo, I’m referring to the spiritual decisions I’ve made about work. For a long time I’ve felt hesitant to share this part of my business (probably because I’m still getting over being the ‘weird kid’) - but with my big launch next week I knew it was time to get real and open up. So, here goes…

The Woo in My Work

Seasons + Cycles: This stuff is real, y’all. Whether you’re big into astrology or not (*cough* I am *cough), you can’t deny that the presence of seasons has an effect on your life and your business. Natural ups and downs, ebbs and flows in energy and work. And if you pay close attention in the next 28 days, you’ll probably notice that presence of the Lunar cycle has an effect, too. For my business that means: I schedule projects seasonally, taking on more work in the Summer when I have more energy, and letting my body take it’s natural rest with fewer projects in the Winter. I also try to schedule launches around a New Moon for a boost of good joo-joo - hey, if it works your launch gets a little turbocharge and if it doesn’t there’s no harm done.

Intuition: I would argue that one of the most powerful and most underused marketing tools is Intuition. Data is vital, metrics are helpful - but intuition is powerful. Intuition plays a part in any business, whether you’re listening to it or not. How many times have you just known in your bones that XYZ Vendor was going to be a pain in the ass before the ink was even dry on the contract?…and then kicked yourself three weeks later when you were totally right. Can I get an ‘Amen’? For my business that means: I listen to my gut when choosing who I work with, who to collaborate with and what projects to take on.

I am MAGIC: Ok, did I lose you there? Did we take a sharp turn to Crazy-Town? Hear me out, because here’s the thing: you’re magic, too. Our thoughts become our daily reality, good and bad. You can call it ‘manifesting’ if that feels better, but I like MAGIC. All caps, in sparkly crayon (insert unicorn emoji). For my business that means: I write down goals, every week, every month, every year. I identify my Core Desired Feelings and I track my progress. If things are getting frustrating in my business, the first place I look for the problem is in my head.

There it is! Whew!

Now that I’ve bared it all, you gotta let me know, am I alone? Do you incorporate any spiritual practice into your business? Let me know in the comments below - and download my free Personal Development Starter Kit!