What Does That Mean? Online Marketing

Few industries have as much jargon as marketing - especially online marketing. While jargon can be useful when you’re talking shop with your business bestie, it’s also needlessly confusing to a lot of folks.

And the last thing you want to feel when promoting your business is confused.

So here’s my quick list of must-know terms when it comes to marketing your online business:

Opt-in: an opt-in is something of value that you offer for free (usually in exchange for someone’s email address). Often it’s a workbook PDF or a webinar, but it can really be anything that makes sense for your business!

Engagement: the amount of interaction a post receives from viewers (think: shares and comments)

Conversion Rate: refers to the amount of viewers who then take action. This could be the number of people who visit your website and buy a product, or the number of people who see your Facebook Ad and click on it.

Metrics: just a fancy term for data, specifically which data you will use to measure the success of a post or web page (are viewers important? or are you more concerned with conversions rates? etc)

Drip Campaign: an email series that is sent out automatically, in a predetermined sequence - so the first email would go out one day after a person subscribes, the next email two days later, etc.

Squeeze Page: a page of your website that only allows viewers to take one action - like signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free resource, or joining a webinar. These typically have amazing conversion rates, and are good to link to on social media.

Content Marketing:  is the process of creating valuable content to attract a clearly defined Dream Customer (valuable content could include: blogposts, workbooks, or videos - but the connecting thread is that your ‘content’ is useful and relevant to the specific customers you hope to attract).

That’s a wrap! If you’ve got a good grasp on these seven terms then you are well on your way to being a confident online representative of your brand!

Got a question? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer it!