Happy Friday, friends! If you're like me then as the week rolls on, the number of open tabs in your browser just grows and grows. SO many things to read and explore and so little time. Spring seems like an especially difficult time to make space for just sitting and reading - when the whole world is shouting to get outside and see the Sun it's hard to curl up in the house with a book or an article. 

Here's what I'll be reading this weekend:

6 Opinions on Having a Creative Opinion - Danielle LaPorte I'm a sucker for pretty much anything this woman writes. This essay is a quick read, and I skimmed it earlier this week, but there's definitely more to sink into here.

How the 'Do It Yourself' Movement is Evolving Into 'Do It Together' - Jennifer Dopazo Looking forward to reading this article on the new Being Boss website, especially with all of the collaborative projects I've got going on at the moment (hopefully will be sharing more on that soon).

The Fiery Cross (Outlander Series) - Diana Gabaldon I'm never going to finish these damn books...