I’m Liberty Riggs. 

I’m a real person. I’ve never been very photogenic (see Exhibit A), but looking through old photos for this post still made me cry happy tears. I have had an incredible life. I am so grateful.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, a 7th generation Texan. In a family full of creative people who felt they had to get ‘real jobs,’ I was encouraged to follow my artistic dreams. I went to art school for seven years, and wound up with a degree that has very little to do with my work now. After an 11th hour change of heart, brought on in large part by an internship in a dungeonous museum basement, I decided not to pursue curatorial work and took a job as a graphic designer. This decision is still playing out, check back with me in 20 years.

After college I moved to Wisconsin and designed surface patterns and colorways for Kohler, Co (yes, the Kitchen and Bath folks). I loved the work, but was terrified when I found myself stressing over things like getting ‘my’ spot in the parking lot, or having to work late on a Friday - so I quit and went to work on a coffee farm in Hawaii. I had never been to Hawaii, or a farm, before in my life…

One thing you should know about me: I’ve never shied away from doing the things most people are afraid of. Sometimes this works out great (hello, paradise!), and sometimes not so great (fracturing my sternum after a 40’ cliff dive). But I made a promise to myself that I would never live my life wondering “what if.” I once heard in a movie that a person could accomplish just about anything with 15 seconds of blind courage - so sometimes when I’m really nervous I count down from 15 and just GO. Courage is grace under pressure.

After my cliff diving injury sent me back to the mainland I took a job in advertising, then at a non-profit, and then at a start-up tech company. Just when I had written myself off as a chronic malcontent, I realized that I just needed a job that fed my soul more than my wallet. I started working for myself, collaborating with other creatives doing things I believed in, and the rest is history.

These days I’m a designer, writer and entrepreneur; running MOJO. One day I want to restore a big old house on the water, write a book, and take up the cello - but for now I’m focusing on helping small businesses build beautiful brands, and establishing a writing habit that sustains my soul.