I promise I will stop talking about the New Year soon (probably...), but before I do I have to share one more new project with you.

'Liminality' is a new weekly email series that I'm launching, after becoming totally burnt out with my old, salesy newsletter.

It's a letter from me, of 500 words or less, that will go out every Saturday morning - and I'll be writing about the three topics that occupy 90% of my thoughts: Creativity, Work, and Change. (You can sign up here)

I decided to start 'Liminality' after feeling a real need to invest more in my personal brand. As Jack and I have worked to build our business together I've realized that this business is becoming more and more of an outlet for me to pursue passion projects, express my individual artistic perspective, and flex my writing skills. This draw to revisit my personal brand +  a deep desire to connect with people in a more meaningful way online = an email series that isn't selling a single thing, forces me to write at least a few hundred words a week, and hold myself accountable on my creative journey.



As I've started telling folks about this new project, one of the most common questions I've been getting is "What does that even mean?" And, actually, more than one person assumed 'liminality' was a word I made up. But 'liminality' is actually an incredibly nuanced word, adapted from it's original anthropological context, that describes so much of our shared human experiences. 'Liminality' is essentially the phase between the initiation and completion of a rite of passage - it's that unfamiliar, disorienting place in the middle. One anthropologist described being liminal as 'standing at the threshold' between their previous reality and their new one (Source).

The first letter I've written for this new series goes into further detail (you can read that here), but my theory is that all of life is essentially one giant rite of passage, and that everything between Birth and Death is liminality. We're constantly changing, evolving and suspended in motion at the same time. 'Liminality' is my means of exploring all of this in an authentic, unfiltered way, in the hopes that we can teach each other something about moving through Change, Work, and Creativity with a little more grace.