DISCLAIMER: I am a completely unabashed lover of all things festive. This particular post is going to be heavily Christmas-y. You have been warned.

The handsome and talented Jack Sorokin was kind enough the other afternoon to spend a an hour or two helping me photograph some of the gifts I wrapped this year! Yes, he is my partner (and business partner) and yes, many of the gifts I wrapped were actually his - but I think it still merits a place on the Nice List ;) I'm sharing a few of my favorites here.


I get pretty deep into gift-wrapping every year, but I'm really happy with how the packages turned out this year. I decided to keep things fairly simple with the papers (using just white, kraft paper, and gold) - and to add interest with ribbons and trinkets instead. I particularly loved using these vintage postcards my mom had given me last Christmas and some little ornaments with twine. Psst- this white textured paper was actually something I picked up at Home Depot! Not sure of it's intended use but it came on a giant roll for only about $15!

At first, I was worried that the limited color palette would start to feel restricting - but I had so much fun trying different combinations of ribbon and tags. I especially love these "Do Not Open Until Xmas" tags, luckily I have a few left over for next year as well.

On some of the kraft paper packages I also decided to experiment with some calligraphy. Since this calligraphy was at a fairly large scaled, I actually found that an old school Crayola marker gave me the best results.

Aaaand this is what the packaging will look like for our cookies this year: